IAM – Identity and Access Management

Responsible to manage access to all services, create and manage users and groups.

VPC – Virtual Private Cloud

VPC allows the creation and configuration of virtual networks in the cloud, from specifying IP address range, add subnets, configure security groups (firewall) and route tables.

Virtual Machines

EC2 – Elastic Computing

Manages the creation and configuration of virtual machine instances.

EBS – Elastic Block Store

Persistent block storage for EC2 instances


EKS – Managed Kubernetes Service

Manages Kubernetes Services that supports EC2 nodes and Fargate instances.

Fargate – Serverless Compute Engine

Service to run managed containers without having to configure EC2 instances.

Elastic Beanstalk

Simple container service to run scalable application and containers.

Lambda – Serverless Compute

Serverless compute service that runs code in response to events without container configuration.


S3 – Simple Cloud Storage

Storage service for objects provided through a Rest interface.

RDS – Cloud Relational Database

Managed SQL service that supports different database engines, offers management task such as migration, backup and patching.

DynamoDB – NoSQL Key-Value Database

Fully managed key-value document database designed for internet-scale applications.


API Gateway

Service for creating publishing and maintaining REST, HTTP and WebSocket API’s, fully scalable and with integrated monitoring and security


Fast content delivery network (CDN)


SNS – Simple Notification Service

Messaging service that enables to send messages via SMS, mobile push and email.

SQS – Message Queuing Service

Distributed queuing service.

CloudFormation – Infrastructure as Code

Enables the creation and deployment of templates that contain the model for cloud infrastructure and its resources.

CloudWatch – Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

Service that collects and provide access to logs and metrics from other services.

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